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After Shuttle Hours Escort Service

Available 7 Days A Week, From 2:00am To 5:00am

After Shuttle Hours Escort Service

After the dinky train service ends at 1:45am, DPS will be on call to assist any unescorted persons who are in need of an escort. This service ends at 5:00am, when Tiger Transit service resumes. This service is restricted to only Princeton University buildings and housing facilities.


Lt. Dima and Ptl. Lanzi, standing outside of a public safety car

Transportation & Hours of operation

9pm - 1am

The Office of Transportation and Parking Services offers an on-demand, call-in service offering safe, reliable transport to campus locations and from the Princeton Junction train station after the last Dinky train to campus. This service runs during the academic year, 7 nights per week, 9:00pm – 1:00am.  Request through the TripShot App (preferred) or call 609-874-0699.


2am - 5am

For a DPS escort, please call (609) 258-1000