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Registering Bikes

Be preventative, not reactionary

Bike Registration

In case of theft, having your bike registered will aid DPS in returning it back to you by providing a record of ownership. Bike thefts are not uncommon on campus and there is no negative to registering your bike, so why not take advantage of this free and easy service. 

four doors on the front of a University building. Bikes are parked outside of the building.

why & how to register your bike


  • Registration is free and easy!
  • Registration provides a record of ownership
  • Assists DPS with locating the owner of a lost or stolen bike
  • Free lock cutting service for registered bikes
  • Helps the University better understand and manage the need for bike-related infrastructure on campus (i.e. bike racks, pathways, signage)


How to Register

  • Complete and submit the online Bike Registration Form
  • After completing the form, please pick up your decal at Transportation & Parking Services at “ A” Floor, New South, Monday to Friday, between 8:00am - 5:00pm (8:30am – 4:30pm, June through August). Please bring your TigerCard.