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Fire Safety Permit

If you need a fire safety permit, complete an application below.

Fire Safety Permits

The University Fire Marshal’s Office will submit this applications on behalf of any University Department. Please note you will also need to submit the appropriate fee to the applicable Municipality’s Bureau of Fire Safety or Fire Prevention Office. 

If you have any questions about the fire safety permit process or any fire safety concern please feel free to contact the University Fire Marshal’s Office by emailing


Open Flame - A specific set-up is required for open flame devices. the University Fire Marshal’s Office can provide this information to you.


Food Trucks - The University Fire Marshal's office will not apply for a permit on behalf of any food truck vendor. The vendor is expected to submit application directly to the town.


Be sure to check with the following departments regarding any requirements that they or their municipal partners may have for specific events:

Parking & Transportation Services


Environmental, Health & Safety

Risk Management

Common Activities requiring a permit

Pursuant to New Jersey’s Uniform Fire Code, a fire safety permit is required for certain activities taking place on University Property.

Common activities requiring such a permit are:

Open Flame

The use of open flame within a public assembly (grilling – propane or charcoal, candles, or other flame producing devices).

Food Trucks

The operation of a food truck having a cooking operation that creates grease laden vapors.

Tents or Canopies

Any tent, canopy or membrane structure greater than 30 foot in any dimension.

Overnight Stay Events

Any overnight stay event in a non-residential building.

Obtaining a Fire Safety Permit based on location of event

  1. If the vendor is submitting the application directly to the Municipality, they must provide a copy of the permit application to the University Fire Marshal’s Office by email it to 
  2. An inspection will be scheduled between the permit applicant and the Municipality. 
  3. An approved permit will be issued by the Municipality upon the satisfactory inspection of all equipment and set-up to be utilized for that specific event that the permit covers.

Municipal Permits by Location:

Vendors submitting the permit application directly to a Municipality can obtain information directly from the applicable Municipality as follows:

Main Campus

Princeton Department of Emergency & Safety Services

Joe Novak, Fire Official

Lake Campus, West Windsor Fields, 701 Carnegie, 693 Alexander, or 755 Alexander

West Windsor Township Fire & Emergency Services

Timothy Lynch, Fire Official


Forrestal Campus

Plainsboro Township Fire Prevention Division

Keith Thedinga, Fire Official


Fire Safety Permit Application

Complete and submit your fire safety permit application.

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