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Event Security

Special Events Registration

Event Security Registration

Security measures taken at on-campus events must be adequate enough to maintain order and ensure safety. Occasionally departments will host a visitor or event that has the potential of being controversial or disruptive to the campus community. In consultation with sponsors of the event, DPS will make appropriate security arrangements, involving minimal interference with the scheduled event, and the privacy and freedom of those attending. Note: You must fill out the DPS event form (10 days in advance to insure in addition to your ODUS Event registration form.

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Event Security Policy

In order to ensure a campus culture where freedom of speech, inclusiveness, and open access exist, the Department of Public Safety (DPS), with the endorsements of the Dean of the Faculty, Executive Vice President, and Vice President for Campus Life, provides guidelines for special security services for departments as they plan for dignitaries or speakers on campus. Please take a look at some of the guidelines below.

Contact with Questions

Duncan Harrison

Associate Director, Support Services - DPS

Visitors and special events that may require a public safety presence:

Dignitaries, heads of state, celebrities, government officials

Events that involve alcohol where undergraduates or attendees under 21 years of age may be present

Controversial speakers and/or topics/events that may draw protest or disruptive crowds.

Athletic events

Events requiring permits and/or permissions (fire, protest, parade, etc.) Activities that may interrupt the normal operations of the campus (classes, buildings, traffic, etc.)

Events that involve requests to bring outside law enforcement and/or private security to campus.

Events for which a large crowd and/or sizable group of non-University affiliated attendees is anticipated.

Events at certain locations and/or times of day. Some locations require officers to be present for every event (Maclean House, Carl Icahn Laboratory, Fine Tower, Frick Chemistry Laboratory.

Event Registration Form

Events with security generally have billable costs. At the time staffing is requested, you will be asked to provide a departmental account number.

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