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Office of the Fire Marshal

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Welcome to the Department of Public Safety Website

Welcome to the Office of the Fire Marshal

The Princeton University Fire Marshal’s office was established in 1996 to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors from the dangers of fires and other hazardous conditions. The Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code and conducting fire inspections of all University owned buildings in accordance with the Code. The Fire Marshal responds to all fires and hazardous material incidents, and is responsible for providing leadership in the development and management of a comprehensive fire prevention program that includes: emergency evacuation drills, fire safety education, emergency procedure planning, and fire data analysis. The Office of the Fire Marshal also participates in management of the Princeton Fire Department Associate Membership Program.

Fire Watch Log

The primary role of the fire watch personnel is to serve as a temporary "human smoke detector" and to notify building occupants at the first sign of smoke or fire. All fire watch personnel shall be equipped with a two-way radio to be used to notify Public Safety that smoke and/or fire has been detected. The person(s) assigned to a fire watch shall have the sole responsibility of performing fire watch duties.


Download the Fire Watch Log and Instructions

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