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All Emergencies   9-1-1

Report a Crime

If you are the victim of a crime and you wish to file a report, please contact the Department of Public Safety Communication Center at 609-258-1000.

You may also report a crime or offer information related to a crime which has occurred in the past. You have the option to report this information anonymously if desired. The Anonymous Tip Line is viewed frequently, but not monitored 24/7.

Anonymous Tip Line

Contact Phone Number
DPS General Information     609-258-1000
Princeton University Operator   609-258-3000
Detective Bureau           609-258-3705
Art Museum           609-258-2840
Firestone Library Security        609-258-3221
Fire Marshal's Office 609-258-9684
Lost and Found 609-258-1000


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Not Monitored 24/7

Anonymous Tip Line

Thank you for helping us make Princeton University a safer place to live, learn, and work. You may choose to remain anonymous and the Department of Public Safety will not contact you unless you give us permission to do so by entering your contact information. However, we encourage you to provide your contact information so we can use your tip more effectively. If you chose to identify yourself, we will make every effort to keep your information confidential. If you do not identify yourself, please provide as many details as possible.

The Anonymous Tip line is utilized to obtain information for events that occurred in the past.

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