Bike Safety

Bicycle Safety and Security Tips:

  • Use a good U-lock to lock your bicycle. U-Locks are available for purchase at the Office of Transportation and Parking Services in New South.
  • Always lock your bicycle! Bicycles should be locked to a fixed object and never lock it to itself. DO NOT secure bicycles to benches, light posts, trees, chains/post borders, handrails, or bus shelters.
  • If you leave your bicycle outside, choose a well-lit, heavily traveled location.
  • Register your bicycle with the Office of Transportation and Parking services online. Bike registration is free and is an excellent way to further secure your property against theft. Stolen Bicycles that are registered have a much higher “find” rate than non-registered bikes. Registration is required for bicycles on campus.
  • Find out if your bicycle is covered under your parents' insurance policy. If not, it would be advisable to insure it.
  • Always wear a helmet. Protect the investment - YOU!

Please refer to our Bike Safety Pamphlet

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