Your Student’s Safety

The safety and security of all Princeton University students is the paramount concern of the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Our professional campus patrol officers, security officers, dispatchers and fire officials provide 24/7 year round safety services and emergency response to the campus. Every member of the DPS staff has received training in community relations, basic crime prevention and may work closely with students as liaisons to many athletic teams, eating clubs, organizations, etc. DPS provides many services that address the needs of students including but not limited to: lockout services, medical transports, after shuttle hours escort service, RAD self-defense classes, etc.

In collaboration with the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS), DPS accepts requests from parents or others to check on/make contact with their son or daughter if they have been unable to reach them by telephone or other form of contact. DPS handles these requests for welfare checks in a manner that protects the privacy of the students as well providing for their safety and well being. Welfare check requests can be made by calling DPS at (609) 258-1000.

A primary goal of the Department is to develop and maintain strong lasting partnerships with the local community. Incorporating the ‘partnership’ model and community policing style of law enforcement has shown dividends in the Department’s progressive approach to crime prevention, risk identification and reduction, as well as problem solving. The Department of Public Safety’s commitment to the philosophy of ‘community policing’ and problem solving has taken significant strides with the launching of several Community Liaison Programs.  These programs create a springboard to broaden involvement and crime prevention education within the community. Together with other campus offices, the department provides programs to enhance personal safety and teach proactive crime-reduction strategies to Princeton students.

The following pages detail the safety and security  services that DPS provides for all students as well as important safety information that parents can share with their Princeton student: