Emergency Preparedness Overview

Princeton University is committed to providing a campus environment that is accessible and, at the same time, safe and secure. Information about Princeton’s Emergency Preparedness initiatives can be found on Princeton’s Emergency Preparedness page. This website includes  information about pre-emergency planning and a variety of related resources and updates. Additionally, the Emergency Guidelines website is a compilation of the University's emergency procedures. The site is maintained by the University's Emergency Preparedness Task Force.

Princeton has a  number of available resources for distributing critical information during emergencies. Emergency Blue Light Phones and Towers, the Emergency Notification System (PTENS), and the Emergency Alerts work to keep all of campus informed of emergencies as they occur.

Princeton also has an app that allows you to send an immediate distress signal to DPS:

Here are some FAQ's for NowForce:

Princeton University Personal Safety App - Now Force

Frequently Asked Questions


How to I register and get the app?

Simply go to and fill in the requested information (name, phone number, email address and a password you will use with the app).

You will immediately receive a link to download the app on your smartphone.

Does the app track me?

The only time the app sees your location and sends it to Public Safety is when you hit the SOS button. This enables Public Safety to dispatch the nearest officer or first responder to help. If you’re in distress and are on the move (i.e. trying to get away from a threatening situation), the app tracks you and keeps sending that information to Public Safety. As soon as the incident is resolved (either by you aborting the incident, or by Public Safety personnel reporting it is resolved), all location tracking stops.

What happens if I swipe the SOS by accident?

It’s actually pretty tough to send an SOS by accident. (You’d have to open the app by accident, swipe the SOS slider by accident and fail to abort the incident within the allotted timeframe.) The SOS button was created as a slider for precisely this reason. However, if you do swipe the SOS by accident, you can abort it within four seconds by sliding it back. 

What happens if I’m off campus and I have an emergency?

The SOS feature will automatically dial 9-1-1 and send your call to the nearest Public Safety agency.

What if I’m not in distress but I want to report something else?

To contact Public Safety, when you are not in distress, please call the non-emergency number 609-258-1000.

What are the on-campus boundaries for the app?

The main campus, which is generally bounded by Nassau Street, Harrison Street, West Windsor Fields, Lawrence Apartments, and Grad College.

Do I need to talk if I use the app?

Yes, the app makes a voice call to the responsible public safety agency and you need to be able to advise them of the emergency situation you are reporting.

Will Public Safety know specifically where I am when I use the app?

The app is designed to provide the ‘best available’ location information based upon several factors, all of which impact the accuracy of the reported location.  These include the phone service carrier, the model smartphone being used, whether you are indoor or outdoor, as well as several other factors.

Will other public safety agencies know where I am when I use the app off-campus?

When off-campus, the app itself does not provide location information to other public safety agencies.  They will, however, receive whatever information is available in that area through the national 9-1-1 network just the same as if you had dialed 9-1-1, rather than used the app.

What happens when I hang up the call I made using the app?

If you simply hang-up or close your display, the app will continue to provide location information to Public Safety.  This is to avoid a threatening situation where you were instructed to hang-up. To discontinue the tracking, the app must be specifically closed by swiping the SOS slider back and providing your app password. 

Can I cancel a call I made using the app?

There is a four second window to cancel a call accidentally made, and this option is clearly displayed by the app.  After that, the call will be made and cannot be cancelled.