Unwanted Sexual Contact & Princeton University Policies and Procedures

Unwanted Sexual Contact

Princeton University does not tolerate sexual misconduct.

To view the full University Policy on Sexual Misconduct (1.2 University-wide Conduct Regulations – 1.2.3. Sexual Misconduct) please visit the following page:

University Sexual Misconduct Policy

Princeton University Policies

The policies listed here outline the behavioral expectations for the Princeton University community and guide the campus response to power-based personal violence.

Rights, Rules, Responsibilities

(1.2.2) Discrimination, Bias, or Harassment (Based on a Protected Characteristic)

(1.2.3) Sexual Misconduct

Institutional Equity and Diversity- Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures

Title IX Policy

Princeton University Procedures

Being knowledgeable about campus policies and procedures is crucial to making informed decisions. The procedures listed below describe the steps taken by Princeton University in response to allegations of power-based personal violence.

Disciplinary Procedures

(2.5) University Discipline

(2.7) Complaints of Sexual Misconduct

Title IX Grievance Procedures

To report Discrimination or Harassment please use the Princeton University Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form.