Sworn University Police Officers

The Department of Public Safety’s Sworn University Police Officers have the authority of commissioned police officers with full power of arrest deriving their law enforcement authority from New Jersey statutes (Title 18A, Sections 6-4.2 and 6-4.5) and the Trustees of Princeton University. Title 18A, Section 6-4.5 provides that the Sworn University Police Officers “shall possess all the powers of policemen and constables in criminal cases and offenses against the law anywhere in the State of New Jersey [including the powers of arrest], pursuant to any limitations as may be imposed by the governing body of the institution which appointed and commissioned the person.”

Our Sworn University Police Officers are required to complete the same police academies and annual training as their municipal counterparts.  This training has been approved and authorized by the State of New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Police Training Commission.  Our campus police are unarmed, yet have all qualified with a firearm while at the police academy.  Officers also are required to attend mandatory in-service training throughout the year to enable them to perform more efficiently and more safely. Our Patrol division is comprised of an Administrative Captain and Patrol Captain, Lieutenants, Sergeants and Corporals.

Interagency Cooperation

Our Department works closely with the Princeton Police Department (PPD), West Windsor Police Department and the Plainsboro Police Department due to the fact that we have concurrent police jurisdiction over those geographic areas of the Princeton University campus and its vicinity which fall within the political subdivision of the Town of Princeton, West Windsor Township and the Township of Plainsboro.  Each department is committed to working together, keeping each other apprised of important information about crimes and crimes trends and to finding opportunities to train together.

We rely on our rela­tionships for support on a variety levels.  Additionally, Officers from the municipality often work at events on the Princeton University campus. In addition to sharing critical information, DPS is in direct contact with the Princeton police 911 center.  This arrangement gives us immediate access to aid and support from the PPD.  All callers who dial 911 utilizing a non-University wired telephone service or any wireless phone service provider will automatically be routed through the state approved 9-1-1 Switched Telephone Network and terminate at the appropriate state approved PSAP.