About Princeton Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety welcomes you to Princeton University. Each student, faculty member, and staff member enriches this community in many ways, including the way Princeton looks out for itself.  The Department of Public Safety is the primary department at the University charged with creating a safe and secure environment. However, this task is not one that we can carry alone because campus safety and security is a shared responsibility. We encourage our students, staff, faculty and our many visitors to partner with us and utilize the services, initiatives and trainings provided on a daily basis. We are proud to maintain close partnerships with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, thus benefitting the overall safety of the Princeton community. The best protection against campus crime is an aware, informed, alert campus community—students, faculty and staff who use reason and caution—along with a strong public safety presences. The Department of Public Safety operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is comprised of over 100 members.   These committed men and women contribute to a comprehensive and integrated safety and security program in collaboration with the Princeton community. The following departments make up Public Safety:

The Department of Public Safety is committed to enhancing the quality of life, learning and working experience at Princeton University while maintaining a safe and secure campus.